Data Center Monitoring Solutions:

Data Centre temperature and environmental monitoring has become one of the most critical aspects of ensuring network continuity. Jacarta can offer you a range of high quality environmental and power monitoring devices and sensors to help protect your valuable IT hardware and data.

Product/Solution Briefing

Interseptor :

interSeptor is a full-featured, scalable network environmental monitoring device designed to remotely monitor temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions in data centres, IT rooms and racks. In the event of an alarm condition alerts can be sent via Email and SNMP.

Designed for ‘out-of-the-box’ operation, interSeptor is supplied with a dual temperature/humidity sensor, with a second temperature/humidity sensor available also. A range of optional ‘Go-Probe’ sensors to detect security breaches, power failures, smoke and water leaks can also be quickly added to the interSeptor system to provide comprehensive monitoring of your critical environments.

Key Features

  • Remote temperature/humidity monitoring across Ethernet network
  • 1 x temperature/humidity sensor supplied as standard
  • Provision to connect 2 x Go-Probe interSeptor sensors (water, smoke, security, etc.)
  • Capacity to connect an additional temperature/humidity sensor and 2 further Go-Probe sensors
  • 10/100Mbps auto-sensing
  • Monitoring via web browser or SNMP network management system
  • Email alarm notification with optional SMS, voice alarm messaging (using Jacarta Alert Centre facility)
  • Alarm schedule facility to enable alerts to be sent only when required
  • Extensive on-board data logging and graphing


interSeptor Pro

Product/Solution Briefing

Crucial to any business continuity strategy is the implementation of an effective monitoring and alerting system. Air-conditioning failure, water ingress, fire, power failures and physical security breaches are just a few of the many potential problems that seriously threaten the integrity of network hardware and data.

interSeptor Pro provides an advanced, yet uncomplicated solution to Data Centre room/rack monitoring and early-warning alarm notification. Environmental conditions can be monitored and logged, alarm thresholds configured, and automated early-warning alerts delivered to key IT personnel via SMS text message, email, web browser and SNMP traps. An Alarm Beacon/Sounder option is also available for on-site visual and audible alerts if required.

Key Features

  • 3 versions: 8-port, 16-port, 24-port
  • Remote temperature/humidity monitoring across Ethernet network (all temperature/humidity sensors supplied)
  • Provision to connect up to 48 optional Go-Probe sensors (water, smoke, security, power, etc.)
  • Monitoring via web browser, Telnet and SNMP network management system
  • Email and SNMP Alerts
  • SMS Alerts via optional GSM Modem
  • Alarm Schedule facility to enable alerts to be sent only when required
  • Extensive on-board data logging and graphing
  • Relay outputs for automated crisis management
  • 8-port interSeptor Pro can also be supplied with 2, 4 or 6 temperature/humidity probes


PowerFox8 v2

Product/Solution Briefing

The Jacarta PowerFox8 v2 is a powerful, intelligent power management device for        monitoring and controlling power in IT environments. PowerFox8 v2 can monitor and log the input current, voltage and frequency as well as the current being supplied to the devices connected to each of the 12 receptacles on the rear of the unit. It is possible to remotely control the power to the connected devices either via a schedule, a timed delay or immediately.

In addition, the PowerFox8 v2 can be used to monitor critical data center and rack environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, water ingress, smoke and security.

Key Features

  • Monitor and log input voltage current, voltage and frequency
  • Monitor and log output current to connected devices
  • Monitor and log temperature/humidity and alarm sensor events (water, smoke, etc.)
  • Connect devices up to a maximum load of 16 Amps via 12 output receptacles
  • Front panel LED for real-time status conditions and when thresholds are exceeded
  • Crisis event management—turn on/off devices or activate digital outputs based on alarm events, e.g.. Turn off devices when critical over-temperature threshold is exceeded
  • Comprehensive power management and flexible configuration through web browser, NMS, Telnet, SNMP, or HyperTerminal (console)
  • Cumulative kWh figure shown via web-browser interface
  • User-friendly interface to display input and output status
  • Detailed data-logging for statistical analysis and diagnosis
  • Event notification through SNMP traps or email alerts
  • Daily history reports sent automatically via email
  • Supports SSL V3 and SSH V1 protocol

For further details, please visit: www.jacarta.com