New NetSupport School Android Tutor version 1.00.0001 released


The new NetSupport School Tutor for Android version 1.00.0001 has now been published, this is available to download from the Google Play Store.

Google Play Store listing:

**Please note this has also been submitted to the Amazon store but is not yet available to download, we expect this to also be available shortly on this store.

For installation on a teacher’s Android tablet (v4.0.3 and above), the NetSupport School Tutor for Android extends the product’s capabilities into dedicated tablet-based classrooms, giving the teacher the power to connect to each student device and enabling real-time interaction and support.

Key features available when connecting to student devices from the new Android Tutor:

  •  Thumbnail View: Thumbnails of each student device allow the teacher to monitor classroom activity in a single view.*For more detailed monitoring, the teacher can discreetly view the screen of any selected student.
  • Real-time student assessment: The Question and Answer (Q&A) mode enables the teacher to conduct both individual student and peer assessment. Deliver questions verbally to the class, then select students to answer. Select Students either randomly (pot luck), first to answer, or in teams. Bounce questions to multiple students, ask the class to peer assess a selected response and keep individual and team scores.
  • Class Surveys: Teachers can conduct on-the-fly surveys to gauge student knowledge and understanding. Students are able to respond in real-time to the survey questions posed and the teacher can then show results to the whole class, enabling students to receive instant feedback on their progress.
  • Student Register: The teacher can request standard and/or custom information from each student at the start of each class and create a detailed register from the information provided.
  • Lesson Objectives: If provided by the teacher, once connected, students are presented with details of the current lesson, together with overall objectives and their expected learning outcomes.
  • Chat and Message: Initiate teacher-to-student chat sessions and send messages from the teacher device to one, selected, or all student devices.
  • Request Help: Students can discreetly alert the teacher when they require assistance.
  • Launch Websites: Remotely launch a selected website on student devices.
  • Student Rewards: The teacher can assign ‘rewards’ to students to recognise good work or behaviour.
  • File Transfer: The teacher can transfer files to a selected student or multiple student devices in a single action.
  • Lock/Blank Screen: Ensure student focus when presenting by locking or blanking the student screens.
  • WiFi/Battery Indicators: View the current wireless and battery status for each connected student tablet.
  • Connecting to Students: NetSupport School provides a quick and easy method to connect to the required student devices. The teacher can create ‘rooms’ in advance and the student devices can be configured to a specific room. At the start of a lesson, the teacher simply indicates which of the pre-defined rooms they want to connect to. ‘Roaming’ students also have the option of connecting to a designated room.

*Screen capture feature supported on student tablets where the additional NetSupport School “Extended Features” utility is installed. Available for the majority of leading Tablet manufacturers.

The NetSupport School Tutor for Android is to try for 30 days and can then be used with your existing NetSupport School licences. Alternatively, additional licences can be purchased from your NetSupport reseller.

Please do install the new Tutor asap to familiarise yourself with this release and also help us to build up a good stock of positive testimonials for the App in the Google Play Store. It certainly helps to build up visitor confidence in the solution if they are able to read positive testimonials from others. I am very aware a number of you have several opportunities that have been waiting for this so do not delay making them aware of this release.


NetSupport School version 11.41.0018 released

NetSupport School version 11.41.0018 has now been released and is available for download in the following languages:

English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Turkish, Portuguese and Serbian.

This release of NetSupport School 11.41.0018 does not require a new license and will work with an existing NetSupport School version 11.00 license key.

NetSupport School 11.41.0018 includes the following fixes the details of which are included below:

What’s Fixed

  • Resolved issue found whereby the Tutor Console would report Students connected to a Wireless 802.11AC access point as using a N type access point.
  • Fixed issue found where the Tech Console configured to use a Name and Connectivity server could become unresponsive at start-up during the time taken to connect to all available Students.
  • Fixed behaviour found whereby a frame would appear when viewing a Student in full screen mode.
  • Resolved issue with the View window drop down menus disappearing after using the Maximise View area option.
  • Resolved volume level issue experienced after installing the NetSupport School Student that could be found when switching between a headset and the local Audio device on the Student machine.
  • Fixed issue found whereby under certain circumstances at the end of a timed exam a GPF error could appear on the Tutor Console.

Resolved a blue screen issue that could appear on Windows 8 and 8.1 relating to the NetSupport web filter driver.