Optimised iPad Interface Means Full Administration Capabilities from Virtually Anywhere for IT Managers

May 03, 2012 — Kerio Technologies today announced Kerio Connect 7.4, a new version of its popular messaging server that unburdens IT administrators of being stuck at their desk when performing routine Kerio Connect tasks. With full Web administration optimised for the iPad, IT managers can be up and about, moving around the office while performing things like applying user access policies, setting up new user mailboxes, or browsing logs and troubleshooting the server.

Kerio Connect administration web interface via the iPad expands the tablet’s capabilities as a “hardcore” IT and technical support tool. It supports new multi-gesture support, multiple finger scrolling, two-finger tap to get contextual menus, and toggling to hide the menu tree to maximise screen real estate.

One of the new features that IT administrators can implement via the iPad is user access policies. Access policies allow administrators to control access for email services like Kerio WebMail and Microsoft Outlook. They also have the ability to restrict mobile device access for users so they can regain some control over how employees remotely connect to the server. This is easily done by configuring connectivity permissions for email protocols like ActiveSync, IMAP, and Exchange Web Services.

“It’s a bit ironic that full administration via the iPad makes it easy for the IT administrator to limit what devices others can use to access the network,” said Scott Schreiman, CEO, Kerio Technologies. “With Kerio Connect we have always prided ourselves in offering more choices in how employees want to work than any other mail server. While that is still the case, we think it’s prudent for organisations to control how their network is accessed, and think we have found the delicate middle ground with Kerio Connect 7.4.”

With integrated anti-virus, an improved anti-spam engine, and built-in archiving, Kerio Connect 7.4 gives businesses everything they need for secure and robust email. It is available as both an on-premise server and a cloud email solution through a Kerio hosting partner to give organisations a choice in where their email is stored. The alternative to Microsoft Exchange and Google Apps meets the messaging needs and IT budgets of small and midsize organisations.