Set of new features and enhancements

February 12, 2011 – Following the launch of Privileged Identity Management 6.0 in April 2010, including the new On-Demand Privileges Manager™, We are pleased to announce the release of a set of new features and enhancements.

Below is a highlight of the main capabilities and enhancements of this release.

PIM Suite v6.0 Enhancements (for General Availability) 

  • Generic “Transparent Connection” to remote systems – customize the ‘Connect’ button to run different connection clients e.g. PuTTy for SSH without divulging the privileged credentials.
  • Support multiple connection types per account – administrators can choose to work with their preferred connection type and benefit from a variety of IT tools using the ‘Connect’ button which improves workforce efficiency.  
  • User Interface improvements and bug fixes

As a reminder, this version follows previous enhancement versions for the PIM Suite v.6.0 that were part of patches 1 & 2 and included:

  • Full PIM Suite support for Windows 2008R2
  • User Interface for Mobile Devices
    • Enables secure anytime, anywhere access to your privileged accounts
    • Request and Approve workflows directly from your mobile device
    • Mobile screen-friendly including phonetic password listing
  • Dual control workflow improvements
    • Send access request once for multiple connections to target machines (using the same account).
    • Maintains your history regarding recent or frequent account connections.
  • Auto detection of members in the local Administrators group
    • New administrator accounts created in the local Administrators group by the admin can be viewed in a report
  • Activities & Inventory report improvements
    • CPM errors are included in the activities and account inventory reports
    • Centrally extract error report for improved operational efficiency
  • Support for Windows Service Dependencies
    • Automatically restart Windows Services based on dependencies when managing their passwords
  • Additional support for service accounts
    • Plug-in for SQL server service accounts in cluster
    • Reconcile SQL Server account using a Windows domain account
  • Support password change of Scheduled Tasks on Windows 2008
  • Support password reconciliation for AS/400 accounts
  • Unified Provider for Application Identity Manager™ and On-Demand Privileges Manager™
    • One agent for both products reduces maintenance overhead