As an answer to industry challenges identified in the survey, the company has released Retina Plug-in for VMware vCenter

Carlsbad, CA, & Dubai, United Arab Emirates – May 8, 2013 – BeyondTrust, the security industry’s only provider of Context-Aware Security Intelligence, today announced the results of its survey, Virtual Insecurity, that reveal organizations are relying heavily on virtualization vendors for security if for any security at all. Key survey takeaways from the 346 respondents that participated include:

  • 42 percent do not use security tools regularly as part of their virtual systems administration
  • 34 percent lean heavily on antivirus protection as a primary security tool
  • 57 percent often use existing image templates for new virtual images
  • Nearly 3 out of every 4 respondents say that up to a quarter of virtual guests are offline at any given time
  • 64 percent have no security controls in place that require a security sign off prior to releasing a new virtual image or template

“It’s surprising with all of the technological advancements in the virtualization space that server admins are reliant on antiquated security solutions and are unknowingly conducting day-to-day tasks that are incrementally increasing the risk to their organization,” said Brad Hibbert, vice president, product strategy and operations at BeyondTrust.

As an answer to these industry challenges identified in the survey, BeyondTrust has released Retina Plug-in for VMware vCenter. This new offering provides integrated security and vulnerability management tools needed to effectively identify and remediate network vulnerabilities that lead to exposure and malicious attacks in virtual data centers.

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“With Retina Plug-in for vCenter, we are bringing security context to admins by integrating comprehensive vulnerability assessment into a familiar management console,” said Hibbert. “Our tight integration with VMware provides simplified security views for the datacenter operations team ensuring virtual environments are safe and compliant.”

With Retina Plug-in for VMware vCenter, organizations can secure their networks by:

  • Accurately discovering all the assets managed by the vCenter server
  • Performing comprehensive vulnerability scanning with detailed risk intelligence for ESXi and virtual machines
  • Providing unique capabilities to scan online and offline virtual machines and virtual application templates
  • Supplying an automatic audit feed of latest vulnerabilities that could potentially impact the hyper-visor and virtual machines
  • Delivering risk context including scoring, malware toolkit analysis, penetration toolkit availability, compliance mappings to improve remediation planning
  • Providing prescriptive guidance in risk mitigation of missing patches, in-secured configuration and zero-day exploits
  • Scheduling scans to automatically update the vCenter console with centralized compliance and risk information
  • Seamlessly scanning all the ESXi and virtual machines managed by the vCenter server
  • Dynamically updating security scans to include all online and offline added/removed from vCenter management

About BeyondTrust

BeyondTrust is the only security solution vendor providing Context-Aware Security Intelligence, giving customers the visibility and controls necessary to reduce their IT security risks, while at the same time simplifying their compliance reporting.

BeyondTrust offers consistent policy-driven vulnerability and privilege management, role-based access control, monitoring, logging, auditing and reporting to protect internal assets from the inside out. The company’s products empower IT governance to strengthen security, improve productivity, drive compliance, and reduce expense across physical, virtual, mobile and cloud environments.

With more than 25 years of global success, BeyondTrust is the pioneer of both Threat Management and Privileged Identity Management (PIM) solutions for heterogeneous IT environments. More than half of the companies listed on the Dow Jones Industrial Average rely on BeyondTrust to secure their enterprises. Customers include eight of the world’s 10 largest banks, eight of the world’s 10 largest aerospace and defense firms, and 7 of the 10 largest U.S. pharmaceutical companies, as well as renowned universities across the globe.

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