Pay-as-you-go pricing model looks to accelerate the launch of secure cloud services

August 30, 2010 — AEP Networks, the provider of trusted security everywhere, has announced that it is helping to accelerate the adoption of secure cloud services hosted in the public cloud. By offering security as a service to cloud providers for the first time, AEP Networks is answering the call for policy protection by removing the cost prohibitive barrier to address the inherently shared nature of public cloud services.

Offered on a pay-as-you-go basis, CloudProtect allows managed service providers to align security with their cloud service models by scaling application security up to hundreds of thousands of users on demand, as and when requested by their customers. Service providers can offer new services immediately, such as secure remote access to key applications, thanks to the elimination of upfront CAPEX and licensing costs. Importantly, they can make a profit from these services from month one.

Organisations looking to host business applications in the public cloud can be assured of the integrity of that sensitive data, as CloudProtect enables every device looking to access applications to be checked for full compliance with security standards. It assigns each device with an authorisation fingerprint defining the security posture, ensuring that only safe devices can access the application. With stringent endpoint policies, CloudProtect removes the danger of an unauthorised device connecting to the cloud environment. Equally, users will be given the freedom to use their own printing facilities for the first time, in line with company policy.

“The reputation of the public cloud has suffered somewhat over the years, and rightly so. Throwing data into an abyss and hoping for the best is no method to securing your data. However, companies are getting smarter and looking to service providers to provide them with the peace of mind that their data is secure,” said Mark Darvill, Director at AEP Networks. “With CloudProtect, we have created the security infrastructure that will allow service providers to offer tamper proof security right away, at a pricing model that enables them to act today.”

Offered as a virtual service, CloudProtect enables service providers to only pay for the amount of application security they need, as opposed to purchasing traditional hardware and licenses usually bundled per device or user. Effectively, it means that they can scale application security on demand as customers request it, paying only when their customers start using the service.

CloudProtect supports a fully heterogeneous environment, ensuring that any mix of environments and host desktops are covered, whether it is Microsoft, UNIX, Citrix Published Application Manager or the AEP MyDesktop Client Desktop Access. Equally, it provides organisations looking to operate off open source desktop environments with full support.

AEP is a member of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and adheres to the best cloud security policies. Its security depth is flexible to suit the sensitive nature of the data and ranges from a FIPS 140-2 Level 4 option to strong two factor authentication and layered authentication. CloudProtect is technology independent and covers application security, encryption, key management and identity access management.